Thursday, March 24, 2011

The “Toronto Indie Guys” Podcast Episode 6

I had the chance to guest star in the infamous “Toronto Indie Guys” podcast with Arthur and Max Yesterday. I hear the episode itself will be out around this weekend. Check out my Links page to go straight to their page or the link on the bottom.

Arthur's fancy recording device above

We covered topics that spanned over some Hand Eye Society events and we glazed over the most recent IGDA event. We also made use of the the word "meat" and "fire" over and over in the podcast.

Arthur and Max with their "ladies face"

Their faces every time I said meat or fire.

I also guest starred with another fellow student. Mr. Jon Burton in the middle. Overall it was fun and hopefully they will bring me back with all my antics.

Their link I Love Big Meat!

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