Saturday, April 23, 2011

IGDA's Open Mic Night

The Mighty shower curtain in Bar 244's basement

At Thursday April 14 2011 @ 7:30 PM there was the IGDA's Open Mic night. I know this post is kind of late but rest assured it won't happen again. It was held at bar 244 in the basement. We walked down the stairs to find a projector set up beaming at a shower curtain. It was uprising how effective it actually was.

Ryan Henson Creighton opening with the traditional devil horns hand sign...rock on.

The festivities start as Ryan announces the start of the event and also a grand prize for best ranter. A golden squeegee. Now who ever didn't want it was a loser already. Also it came with a pair of tickets to Video game live. Then came our host for the night.

Mathew Kumar really likes nuts...coconuts that is.

Mathew Kumar. He opened and opened hard with a great insight to why we all love video games. The reason is coconuts. Anyways after all this talk about the white and juicy substance our first speaker out of 11 was up.

And I thought he was your average treasure seeking, henchmen killing, sarcastic pretty boy. Nope he is a monster.

Craig D. Adams and his crimes against Nathan Drake.

Craig Adams made some great points on Mr Nathan Drake. For example The bad Russian shoots his henchmen and he is labeled a devious monster whereas Drake has killed dozens of henchmen to get a fucking piece of treasure and he is still our witty charming hero.


Yes that is David Gallant wearing a dress to win a copy of fat princess. He is a hero.

David Gallant without the dress...damn.

Yes. I get to be a game enthusiast who writes about games because I can and no one can stop me.

We went out of our momma's basement to end up in Bar 244's basement.

A friend of mine decided to rant about all the wrong things all us students are doing. That is shoving business cards and resumes everywhere. We should out to make connections and prove to everyone that we are in fact awesome and also do awesome work.

Rant mode engage. Activate Rage Lasers.

Don't be a socially awkward penguin. Come out and meet people. It does your career a whole lot then staying home and playing games.

So I can haz video game job cause I play lots of games right?


Randy was all about setting this bar even higher. By making games worthwhile for the player.
Randy Orenstein is angry because he couldn't raise his time bar.

However Randy was cut off mid sentence before his last paragraph and was music cued of the stage.

Jon Remedios...Not getting a dollar from me because he has no title slide.

Jon expressing his love for the app store because everybody is making air hockey games. He actually was expressing how the problem with the app store was that all games have been universally accepted as 1 dollar regardless of quality. That sucks.

I think the word shit was said at least 23 times in this rant...awesome.

Kris explaining the design process of games and the endless cycles of shits and fucks.

The lone beer agreeing with Kris.

Making games is hard. You rarely get to play games anymore. whoever said games design is easy or you just play games all day should be impaled with a power glove. It is worth it though.

Hey you got education in my video game. You got video games in my education.

Damian here was ranting about how educational games can be just as good as AAA titles. However most companies won't do them because the general public only wants to do a few things. shoot stuff and things along those lines. Damn it general public.

War never changes but games can.

If snakes says that, it must be true right? right...?

Schools that teach game design that is crazy.

Also being in a game design school this one was a more home hitting topic. Game design programs should have teacher's that are in the game's industry or at least have been in there. That makes sense right? Luckily for us at Hernando Vasquez school of the digitally inclined do have those teachers but after hearing Adams rant I guess we got lucky. Take that everyone else.

I wish my school taught game design...oh wait it does. Awwwwww yeaaaaa.

Let`s hope the never escape from that corner. We would be overrun with creativity.

Steger discussed the pros and cons of the XBLA indie market. The problem is all in the marketability

Daniel Steger the man behind the game that launches babies.

Forever alone...

Eric talked about standing out in the world of indie video game development.

Eric Roberts is he forever alone?

Indie game developers are the heroes this city needs but not the one it wants.

Then came Ben. Ranting about how Indies are the ones to elevate our state of video games because everyone else to too lazy to do it.

Benjamin Rivers makes me feel like a "dirty man child whore."

Shit just got real. "real video games" versus Indie games.

After all the rants our winner was chosen. The loudest cheer went towards Kris and he was crowned our champion. After that we all flooded to the top floor to bother the "normals" and hear the results of a lottery. Apparently just for showing up we all had a chance to win a pair of video game live tickets. I didn't win of course because that would be unfair to everyone. I am already too awesome.

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