Sunday, March 20, 2011

Intro and MTAC - Sunday

So this the very first post on my revived Blog. It also so happens to be MTAC which is the March Toronto Anime Convention. Or at least I believe it to be, If I am wrong...well too bad it is now. Anyways this will be the first of many of my convention visits and it will be my absolute duty to provide you my pictures to these wonderful events. For this one my loyal and trusting follower accompanied me to brave the vast world of an Anime...what a loser. It is his first time to a con like that. Anyways here it is.

The Entrance to MTAC. Where we stood in awe.

We entered the event to find people lining up to get in. Some were in cosplay while most weren't. Since I only could go on the Sunday, We didn't see that many people since we went on the less popular day of the event.

The fabled Dealer`s room. Many have fallen to its allure.

We ventured to the dealer's room only to find it to be kinda small. Well not a big deal at all. We wandered for a bit to find all these booths.

SO Many Buttons. They speak to me.

I Returned to these like 6 times when I was here. Their spell was strong.

War never changes. Neither do dealer rooms though.

More Figures. METAL GEAR!

The Guys at A & C Games were Ice Cold. (Haha get it cause Batman? Yea, Sorry)

I encountered some familiar faces such as the guys from A & C games on Spadina. With body suit and all. When I approached Punch out was set up and I threatened to punch out gar. See what I did there.

My name is Flip and I like Popsicles . Kaito Pillow is amazing.

My Name is Dave and I like Bananas. Len Pillow is also awesome.

The view leaving center. So pretty.

Well after 2 hours or so we decided to leave and restore our endurance with yummy Vietnamese food. All the events were too far off (time wise) to really attend so we decided to just watch Archer and Adventure Time at home.

Look at the stuff I found.

I stayed within my budget so no problems there. There was a Sucker Punch promotion which I picked up a poster and a Lollipop. I guess I am a sucker for suckers...punch. Yea, sorry about that.

The Black Rock Shooter that I got for 50% off.

Long cat is Loooooooooong. Best item of the event.

Overall it was OK. The dealer's room was kinda small and there wasn't many events but I did go on the less active day so I can't really complain. However this was a good intro for my friend for Anime North in May.


  1. I like YOUR banana Tim

  2. Wait a minute, somethings not right here...

  3. Hey Tim, I'll get you that extra "50% off"~

  4. I don't remember posting that... I must be really drunk, almost as drunk as Billy's parents.

  5. Herp Derp Derp, I love penis, Herp Deeerrrp

  6. Nice Pictures Tim! Anime North is going to be 10x better! Can't wait to see the pictures from that! :D

  7. Hey, stop that Dave. That's not... COOL

  8. Ice to meat you Arthur.

  9. Wish you could've come with us on Saturday. It was so much fun D:

  10. I know I wish i could of gone Saturday also. I had work though...